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Since the start of 2018 I have been a postdoctoral fellow at EMD Serono Research & Developent Institute, Inc. as part of the Postdoctoral Leadership Program, working in Drug Structure, Prediction & Design.

In 2017 I defended my PhD at the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University. My dissertation research focused on developing statistical tools and mathematical models to profile the T cell receptor (TCR) immune repertoire. I've analyzed data from high throughput sequencing of the CDR3 region on the TCR to characterize repertoire diversity and inter-tissue divergence, and to develop a general mathematical framework for describing TCR populations. I have worked on projects looking at:
  • The distribution and maintenance of na├»ve T cells in lymph nodes,
  • Diversity and divergence of T cell repertoires associated with glioma diagnosis and,
  • The size and diversity of the human alloresponse.


Columbia UniversityPh.D., Systems BiologyNew York, NY
2011 – 2017
Columbia UniversityB.S. Applied MathematicsNew York, NY
2006 – 2010
Stuyvesant High SchoolNew York, NY
2002 – 2006

PostDoctoral Scientist, EMD Serono, Inc.
2018 – Present, Billerica, MA
  • Perform data acquisition, analysis, and building of mathematical models to understand and facilitate the design of better therapeutic antibodies
Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University
2011 – 2017, New York, NY
  • Built mathematical models to characterize the T cell receptor repertoire from human tissues in three separate projects focusing on: 1. Healthy lymphoid tissues 2. Gliomas and 3. Alloreactivity
Undergraduate Researcher, Columbia University
2008 – 2010, New York, NY
  • Assisted in implementation and development of a statistical model to study the relationship between structure and function in small gene regulatory networks
Undergraduate Researcher, Columbia University
2008 – 2010, New York, NY
  • Helped to develop a mathematical model to study contrast controlled adaptation in human pattern vision

*Co-first author

  1. Quantifying size and diversity of the human T cell alloresponse. Susan DeWolf*, Boris Grinshpun*, Thomas Savage, Sai Ping Lau, Aleksandar Obradovic, Brittany Shonts, Suxiao Yang, Heather Morris, Julien Zuber, Robert Winchester, Megan Sykes, Yufeng Shen  JCI Insight (2018)
  2. Long-term maintenance of human naïve T cells through in situ homeostasis in lymphoid tissue sites. Joseph J.C. Thome*, Boris Grinshpun*, Brahma V. Kumar, Masaru Kubota, Yoshiaki Ohmura, Harvey Lerner, Gregory D. Sempowski, Yufeng Shen, Donna L. Farber  Science Immunology (2016)
  3. Diversity and divergence of the glioma-infiltrating T-cell receptor repertoire. Jennifer Sims, Boris Grinshpun, Yaping Feng, Timothy H. Ung, Justin A. Niera, Jorge L. Samanamud, Peter Canoll, Jeffrey N. Bruce, Peter Sims, Yufeng Shen  PNAS (2016)
  4. Spatial map of human T cell compartmentalization and maintenance over decades of life. Joseph J.C. Thome, Naomi Yudanin, Yoshiaki Ohmura, Masaru Kubota, Boris Grinshpun, Taheri Sathaliyawala, Tomoaki Kato, Harvey Lerner, Yufeng Shen, Donna L. Farber  Cell (2014)
  5. Analyzing T cell repertoire diversity by high-throughput sequencing. Boris Grinshpun, Jennifer Sims, Peter Canoll, Jeffrey N. Bruce, Peter Sims, Yufeng Shen  GlobalSIP/IEEE Conference (2013)
  6. Statistical method for revealing form-function relations in biological networks. Andrew Mugler, Boris Grinshpun, Riley Franks, Chris H. Wiggins  PNAS (2010)

Operating Systems: Unix/Bash, Linux, Windows & Mac

Programming Languages: R/Rshiny, Python, MATLAB, Javascript, Perl

Other Skills: Git, Cloud Computing, Django, LaTeX, BWA, SAMtools, MOE, BLAST, Inkscape, HTML, Microsoft{Office, Excel, Powerpoint}

Languages: English, Russian

Massachusetts Industry PostDoc Association (MIPA)On the leadership board, Involved in coordinating and organizing career development events for postdocs.Nov 2018 – Present
Cofounder for the Columbia Microbiome GroupOrganized meetings, Invited speakers, Maintained website2015 – 2017
Columbia Systems Biology Seminar OrganizerOrganized meetings, Invited speakers2013 – 2015
Intel ISEF 2015 Grand Awards JudgeJudged high school finalists at Intel Science Fair2015
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Chapter PresidentOrganized talks, Organized and participated in MATLAB tutoring sessions2009 – 2010