Since the start of 2018 I have been a postdoctoral fellow at EMD Serono Research & Developent Institute, Inc. as part of the Postdoctoral Leadership Program, working in Drug Structure, Prediction & Design.

In 2017 I defended my PhD at the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University. My dissertation research focused on developing statistical tools and mathematical models to profile the T cell receptor (TCR) immune repertoire. I've analyzed data from high throughput sequencing of the CDR3 region on the TCR to characterize repertoire diversity and inter-tissue divergence, and to develop a general mathematical framework for describing TCR populations. I have worked on projects looking at:
  • The distribution and maintenance of na├»ve T cells in lymph nodes,
  • Diversity and divergence of T cell repertoires associated with glioma diagnosis and,
  • The size and diversity of the human alloresponse.