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Sequences comprise combinations of four nucleotide bases, {A, C, G, T/U}. Maximum sequence allowed length is 15000 bases. Uploaded files should be in FASTA format, less than 1.5MB, with no sequence length restriction.

Translate — Translate a nucleotide sequence to its corresponding amino acid sequence in three reading frames, or six including the translated reverse complement sequence. Codons that do not correspond to a known amino acid produce an @ symbol. Start codons are given by M and stop codons by *. Hover over or click a sequence to see open reading frames.

Reverse — Reverse the order of nucleotides in a sequence.

RevComp — Perform reverse complementation. Reverse the order of nucleotides and replace with their complementary base. Characters without a complementary base are replaced by X.

T/U — Switch between thymine and uracil.

Generate Random — Generate a random sequence of between 60 and 240 nucleotides.