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Happy 2020!

It’s strange to realize that I’ve had only one post between this year and the last. This has been perhaps the most eventful year of my life, and yet I’ve shared so little of it. I just didn’t quite have the energy, time, nor strong desire to write posts. Well, let me just start the new year with one sentence -- I have much to be happy for.

The real big news is that I am married!! In last year’s 2019 New Year’s post I wrote that I had a girlfriend. She is now my wife. So, lots of changes, adventures, adjustments, and occasionally hectic but mostly happy moments. I can’t wait for our new adventures of 2020.

Speaking of adventures, let’s briefly summarize some of the ones from last year. I was in Memphis, Tennessee and Montreal, Canada. I traveled to Germany, Sweden, and Greece. There are some photos below, but at the request of my wife, I am not publicly posting the photos of us. I was also able to reconnect and spend time with many old friends in NYC and new ones in Boston. Sadly, I was unable to catch up with still many others, and the plan for next year is to change that. If we haven’t talked in a while, expect a call. You know, those of you reading … so probably nobody. It will be a pleasant surprise for you.

I guess this is all I am compelled to write at present. There
are a number of things planned for 2020, so it looks to be another big year. I
will resolve to update these things as they come … but this time no promises. I
wish everyone a wonderful new year, happiness, health and good luck with your
resolutions. As cliche as the phrase is, may your dreams come true.

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