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A night at the opera

Sydney, Australia

My stay in Melbourne was lovely. I spent time with my relatives down under who went above and beyond to make sure I was well cared for. But alas, today I took the plane out of Victoria and into New South Wales to spend a few days in Sydney.

On arriving I quickly made my way to my studio apartment – the first place of residence I have on my trip that I do not have to share – dropped off my things, and went to see Pelléas et Mélisande at the Sydney Opera House. It wasn’t exactly planned that I would go to an opera my first night in town, but this was the only available date that worked, and so I went with it. I liked the opera but by the end I was fighting to stay awake. It has been a long day. Anyway, I walked out ~10:30pm and went to get a bite to eat. All the shops were open and the area around circular quay was party/clubbing central. It was like downtown Manhattan on a Saturday, but comparatively less crowded. Alone, tired, and dressed for the opera, I decided to head home and get some rest. More exploring tomorrow!


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