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Finale (Part 2)

New York, NY

Home sweet home!

I’ve come back after eleven flights, three countries and eight cities (with short stops at several small towns). There have been so many new and memorable experiences. Let’s quickly recap everything that comes to memory. I will likely still miss a few bullet points.

Things I have done:
- Traveled internationally by myself for 40 days
- Visited Hawaii
- Visited New Zealand and Australia
- Visited the Philippines
- Snorkeled
- Kayaked in the ocean
- Had a luau
- Visited Hobbiton
- Visited Rotorua
- Flew co-pilot in a light aircraft
- Seen the Southern Alps including Milford Sound
- Took the TranzAlpine through the mountains of New Zealand
- Seen rare wildlife and native NZ birds
- Fed eels
- Pet a koala
- Fed a kangaroo
- Ate a kangaroo
- Took the Great Ocean Road
- Went to an opera at the Sydney Opera House
- Went to a Van Gogh exhibition
- Had a parrot on my head
- Visited Intramuros
- Visited the National Museum of the Philippines
- Visited the Blue Mountains
- Visited the beaches of Hawaii and the Philippines
- Made many new friends
- Reconnected with friends and relatives

Collection of photos:

In the coming weeks/months I intend to improve the layout and functionality of my blog; however, I cannot say how often I will update it. For now, this is no longer a travel blog, but I would like to continue using it as a medium for my thoughts and projects. We shall see what happens.

~ Boris ~

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