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Bar Harbor, Maine

My belated post about Maine, written at the airport as I wait to fly to Frankfurt (stay tuned). It goes like this:

A few weeks ago I drove up to Bar Harbor, Maine to visit my friend Justin. Bar Harbor, as many know, is site of Acadia National Park, and becomes a tourist hotspot in the summer. With Justin as my tour guide I had a semi-touristy, semi-local experience. I hiked several trails, including the Acadia mountain and St Sauvier mountain loop and the Sargent mountain. On the mountains I picked wild blueberries and looked at the beautiful Maine landscape. We also swam in a pond little known except by locals. The water was much warmer than anticipated. Good exercise and good views, what more is there to ask for?

In the small town of Bar Harbor I watched the new Mission Impossible at the local theater, which serves full pizza pies with full-size couch seating. Not a great movie, nor much of a selection (my other option was a kids movie), but a very comfortable theater experience. I had my first ever full lobster, and talked to a guy who is very likely caretaker for Martha Stewart’s houses (he refused to confirm or deny). I had the beer sampler at the local Atlantic brewery and ate at the barbecue place next door. My server was the granddaughter of the founders. As my keepsake I bought a cute bird carving of an Ibis from a local wood carver.

On the way home from Bar Harbor I stopped briefly in Portland for lunch and had a nice walk around. It’s a pretty little town as well, so I’ll have to come back in the future.

I think that’s a pretty complete summary. It was a short 3 day trip, a quick vacation, but very fun. And perhaps the best part was getting to catch up with Justin, after so many years, and for the first time since we both stopped being PhD students.

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