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Walking around in Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Today was all about exploring the circular quay and the CBD. The circular quay was gorgeous during the daytime. It was a sunny day as I trekked through Kirribilli Village and Luna Park. The ferry wasn’t operating to get to the opera house side, so I walked over to the train station and made my way to the Town Hall station in CBD. In general, many of the shops and amenities seem to be closed on Sundays, even though it doesn’t seem to be for religious reasons. I don’t have an explanation just yet. Getting the ticket to the train was also an ordeal. The machine took exact change, which I did not have, and when I put in my credit card nothing happened on the big main screen. As it turns out, this screen directed me to a different tiny screen on the other side of the machine … what a silly set up. In any case, I made it to the CBD and walked around. Not much to say about it … the Melbourne CBD is much more interesting. Lots of shops and people but I suppose the architectural beauty is concentrated around the circular quay. I did walk past a nice skating rink next to St Mary’s Cathedral that reminded me of the rink we have by Rockefeller Center. Despite the warm weather there were people skating and having a good time.

As I walked home I once again found myself near the opera house and the hip and happening surrounding area. After a cheap fast food dinner and some gelato I decided to make my way home on foot, which proved to be difficult. Getting to North Sydney requires crossing the Harbour Bridge, and Google Maps seemed to want me to fly up to it or take an invisible elevator. As I was busy getting hopelessly lost and running circles I ran into a woman, Michelle, who asked me how to get to the bridge. As it turned out, she was in the city on businesses, originally from San Francisco, and was also staying in North Sydney. We put our heads together, asked around, and found the entrance. Google maps had steered us both wrong. We finally made our way across the bridge and found ourselves in Kirribilli Village, a place full of restaurants and bars minutes from where I am staying. We stopped in one of these for a nightcap and a quick chat. After that it was time for us to part ways and for me to go home, upload some photos, and write today’s blog post. More tomorrow!


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