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Notifications? Could be coming soon, but probably not too soon

The other day my dad said that the quality of my writing has not been as good in recent posts. He has a point. I've been quite busy and have been prioritizing documenting my travels quickly rather than taking the time to write a thoughtful and well put together post. I apologize.

That said, recently it was suggested that I create a way for people to receive notifications when a new post appears. After all, if you're here and not by accident, it's probably 10% about the story telling, and 90% because you want to know what is new in my life, or at the very least have some curiosity concerning me. I am flattered by the way. Since I don't write on a regular schedule it makes sense to have an email sign-up of some sort, and I am looking forward to making this happen.

But when?

If you check my little webtools, of the four or so I had planned, only two are available, and one is incomplete. I have to prioritize other things. So this will happen, but I cannot say when. Could be in a week, could be a few months. Nonetheless, it is the next update I have planned for the site. In the meantime, post a comment below and I will notify you when a sign-up for notifications becomes available.

Fear not, one day you can have instant updates for all the Boris news that's fit to print. And maybe even a good story or two. 

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